Preparing your Horse Property for the winter months ahead…

As the seasons change, Fall has arrived in the Rocky Mountains, bringing beautiful colors and cooler temperatures. Fall is personally my favorite time of year to get out and do some mountain riding.

Riding the mountain tops in Edwards, Colorado on Major Snow with Cody by my side.

It is also a time of year for preparations, especially living in the mountains, where the next snow and freezing temperatures are looming at our doorsteps. This is a discussion on how to prepare your horse property for the winter months ahead.

1. Stock Up On Hay

This is one simple way to make your life a whole lot easier. Get your hay supply for winter season by the fall season to avoid hauling hay during the winter months during bad weather and frigid temperatures. You also eliminate the possibility of running out of hay should there be shortages.

2. Inspect Roofs and Integrity of Buildings

Be sure to inspect roofs and supports in all buildings. Can buildings withstand the potential of heavy snow loads? Set traps for rodents if necessary or close up holes in buildings where rodents may be entering.

3. Inspect All Fencing

I tend to inspect my fence lines regularly, as I use mostly smooth wire fencing on our ranch. Which ever type of fencing you have, it is not a bad idea to give the fence line a walk before winter sets in. If there is any fence lines needing mending or replaced, you want to be certain that this gets done before the snow flys.

4. Check Water Trough Heaters

Make sure trough heaters are out and check that they are working properly before freezing temperatures arrive.

5. Clean All Tack

Hydrate and clean all leather tack, wash blankets/saddle pads, grooming kits and brushes. Clean all wraps/ protective boots. Throw your bits in the dishwasher to make them sparkling clean.

6. Move all liquids, medications/topicals to a warm space to avoid freezing.

I hope this serves as a help to my readers, as an informative piece, a checklist, or a reminder. Please enjoy the beautiful, fleeting fall season while lasts, and Happy Trails!

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